Monday, October 30, 2006

It's COLD Here!

Last night I woke up freezing, I added a hoodie to my layer of clothing and then lay in my bed freezing for the next two hours until I fell back to sleep. Today it was absolutely freezing outside thanks to the wind... I kept thinking... I miss Korea. So to all you that are feeling the cold in Korea... I don't feel sorry for you or believe you!

The good news is that it's snowing again and I LOVE SNOW.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Being Single

Today I decided to go and watch a movie. My sister has sent me a free movie pass, so I decided I'd go to the movies all by myself.

I'm not sure how I thought it would make me feel. Liberating. That probably sounds silly to poeple who go to movies by themselves, but for me it was the first time I had. It was a celebration of being single I guess. I had a bad night (but good in some ways) that basically left me feeling confused and a little upset with the direction my life is going.

I'm sick of being single. But I'm not really. I don't mind doing things on my own, I just sometimes wish that I had another single friend to do it with. That's pretty hard to find, apparantly. You'd think it wouldn't be, but my friends right now are all either engaged or in a committed relationship. Scary, I know.

Point is, I don't mind being single, I just miss having somebody to do single things with... but if there's no one else, why not hang out with the best single girl there is: me.

The movie I went to see was The Gridiron Gang. Gridiron as in Grid Iron... I mispronounced it when I went to buy the ticket. Now this may seem like a silly choice for me to see... it's a sports movie with absolutely no 'chick-flickishness' in it. Let's be honest though, any sports movie ever made is a cry movie. All the inspirational crap really gets to a person. This one was no different. I needed a good cry, and I got it.

Of course, if all else fails, I just watch Sex and the City. Those single girls are the most understanding girls there are.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

update on the pajamas

Okay, so I have now joined a gym which means that I no longer have to wear my cute workout clothes to bed.


Oh yeah, here's a pic with my newly coloured hair.
And this is of my newly painted wall and my new map design... I like this one better, I made it prettier, and the wall looks pretty good as well.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Picture Time

Let's see... pics are of... my new wall in my new house... I put up my world and added pictures from places I have been in the world (and tried to put the pics in the right places, but this world is smaller than my pics... but there they are none the less. The other pics are of pretty trees, Rolo in my new house, and Rolo and Sylvia at Karen and Aric's.

Okay bye.

Back again

Hey so this will be short because I'm tired. Actually to be completely honest, I have nothing to do tonight, but refuse to leave my room because I'm tired of being social with my new roommates. I moved into a new place on Sunday. I live with a 21 year old guy and a 19 year old girl... and I feel old. Because I don't want to grow up, I assumed they would be more mature than me... I was mistaken.

The rent is good though, so I'll be here for a while... and my cat is with me so he keeps me company... he won't leave the room because he's too scared of the dog that lives here. I never realised before that the reason Rolo (my cat) is such a jerk is because he's just scared. Poor thing, as I explain to everyone who comments on his jerkiness, he came from a broken home, and has had trouble dealing with his issues.

I'm working at Coles bookstore (I may have mentioned that), but am looking for something ANYTHING that has to do with my degree and that will give me better hours and more money. Maybe soon.

Okay enough, I have to find something else to keep me busy.